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Airline Booking & Ticketing

Through our Global Distribution System (GDS), we will provide you with options of the most direct, convenient routing whenever feasible that result in the least expense.

The options provided will amongst other things inform the traveler about:

  • Alternative airlines
  • Alternative routes i.e. direct, via convenient cities
  • Alternative timings – from experience some flight timings offer cheaper fares
  • Alternative dates – in view of conditions governing fares i.e. minimum stay travel a day earlier or later might bring forth cost savings.

Visa and Passport Assistance

Our Visa and Immigration department consists of a dedicated team experienced in the day- to-day operations of the various consulates, embassies and high commissions. Our travel consultants are also well informed and they advice all our clients accordingly.

We provide Immigration services with ability and capacity to facilitate processing of:

  • Work Permits
  • Dependant Passes
  • Special Passes
  • Alien Cards
  • Renewal of Kenyan Passports and other immigration related services

Hotels and Accommodation

We offers a comprehensive solution to the hotel challenges your travel program faces every day.  We will give you the efficient and the best rates guaranteed to help you realize significant savings by:



  • Ensuring travelers have the broadest and most competitive selection of relevant hotels.
  • Efficient online and offline booking options, fully integrated with your travel program’s needs, making life easier for your travelers.
  • Competitive prices – guaranteed – with inclusive amenities business travelers care about.

Car Hire

We also facilitate the provision of all types of cars for hire ranging from saloon cars, minivans, VIP Cars, 4WD suv’s to large seater busses and many more depending on your preference. The cars are clean and in good mechanical condition, comprehensively insured and PSV licensed.

Through us, our regional, international and strategic partners specializing in car rental you stand to benefit from the various value-added benefits:

  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Long-term rental.
  • Cross border rentals.
  • Delivery within the city and its environs.
  • Free worldwide online rentals.
  • Instant car hire confirmation worldwide
  • Chauffeur drivers.
  • Executive bonus miles
  • Costs will depend on vehicle type, duration, and seasonality, amongst other considerations.

Airport Transfers

We have a dedicated Transport Department that services our clients. Our goal is to ensure that we provide well scheduled and professionally executed Airport transfer services. We own a fleet of over 20 branded vehicles that are clean and well maintained.

Booking and confirmation of airport transfer services is done electronically to enhance efficiency. As our customer, you can be assured of the following value added services: –

  • Prompt Pickups and Drop-offs
  • Professionalism
  • Comfortable Vehicles
  • Clean, Neat, well maintained vehicles
  • Safety & Security (All our vehicles are fitted with a tracking device and are monitored all the time through a web based portal or Mobile Phone Application)

Meetings and Events

We offer a comprehensive range of service catering to all types of Meetings and Events. From Group travel, Incentive Groups, Corporate events & seminars, Road shows, Meetings and Conferences, Team-building events, Gala dinners, Parties and Celebrations.

Our Meetings, Incentive, Conference and Events department assists our clients in:

  • Optimizing Savings
  • Improving Services
  • Increasing Control
  • Enriching Attendee Experiences
  • Achieving Organizational Strategic Objectives.
  • Motivate employees through Team building activities
  • Sourcing for gifts / awards for our clients

The service Configuration is aimed at:

  • Professionalize Meeting Planning & Execution
  • Increase Unique Corporate Incentive experiences
  • Strategically Source for Suppliers
  • Provide accurate reporting on meetings & events

International Student Card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally accepted, UNESCO endorsed proof of bona fide student status. An ISIC card is your passport to fantastic benefits and services the world over.

If you’re a full time student aged 12 years+ then you’re eligible for an ISIC card. More than 5 million students around the world each year enjoy the services and discounts that the ISIC card, the only internationally accepted proof of student status endorsed by UNESCO, gives access to. Check out to find out what is available to students in Kenya and more than 130 other countries around the world

Why get an ISIC card?
  • Prove your student status where ever you go
  • Access over 42,000 student benefits and discounts in more than 130 countries
  • Save money every day both at home and abroad

Access student services and facilities internationally

Student and Youth Fares

For International Student ID card holders (young people up to 25 and students up to 33 years), we have special flight tickets with major international airlines. The tickets are a must for the traveling student.

The tickets are cheap, flexible and ideal for a longer journeys, study abroad or a foreign internships.

And most importantly, youth and student tickets are often cheaper than regular tickets with similar conditions and benefits. Youth and students tickets offer better combinations compared to regular tickets, which are often subject to strict rules.

Here’s a few benefits of youth and student tickets:

  • Validity of 12 months or even longer
  • Flexibility to change your travel dates
  • Cheap or free stopovers on the route
  • Cheaper one-way tickets compared to regular tickets
  • Advanced single journey combinations


Stopovers and more

A stopover is typically just about spending time in an airport while you wait for your next flight to depart. Depending on the ticket and the airline, you can often make an extended stop over (several days or weeks) for free or for a small fee. Popular stopovers include: Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Miami and New York. Stopovers are not bookable online, so please contact us if you would like to spice up your journey with an extended stopover.


The ISIC card: Better options

The ISIC (International Student Identity Card) allows you to book our youth and student flight tickets as well as most of the round the world examples on our website. At the same time it is an official student ID card and you get access to benefits and discounts in close to 120,000 locations in 125 countries.

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